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Black Watch Tartan Wedding Invitation 5" X 7" Invitation Card

Customizing this military wedding invitation is easy. Give it a try and see what it looks like with your information on it.

$2.27 Black Watch Tartan Wedding Invitation 5" X 7" Invitation Card

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This invitation has been created using the Black Watch tartan design generally referred to as the original military tartan or government sett. The Black Watch tartan celtic design is also the same as the official Campbell tartan and is considered to be a "universal tartan" meaning anyone is free to wear it. If you are interested in a tartan wedding invitation like this, but designed with a different tartan, please click on "wasootch" below, then send us a message through the "send message" link located on the sidebar of our Zazzle store. Please indicate the tartan details in your message. The text and background color on this invitation is fully customizable. You can change the text using the personalize option. For more extensive changes, such as font, font color, text layout/placement, or background color, use the customize option. Reconnect with your Scottish roots with a tartan wedding theme. This invitation would also be nice for an anniversary, special birthday, or any other special occasion that you want to use a tartan theme to celebrate with. All you need to do is change the text. To see a variety of our tartan wedding stationery, click here. Matching Black Watch Tartan Celtic Response Card

Black Watch Tartan A-7 Envelope

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